Meeting Demands for Specialized Solutions

Our machines provide customers with the right profile bending application, but the dedicated people who develop the machines supply the appropriate solution for the customers specific need. Our team veraciously researches, tests and develops new profile bending applications. Our goal is to meet the needs of the customer, rather than to outshine the competition, so our focus is always the perfect solution for you.

Vehicle Construction

Stable, Lightweight Construction and Design
Vehicle profile construction should focus on stable and lightweight construction and design. The duality of increased profile bending usage complexity and precision in smaller series requirements should not be affected by profitability, which is why we concentrate on realistic solutions for this type of application. We want to fulfill the most demanding profile bending application task and make small series vehicle construction profile parts a successful reality.


Aerodynamic precision and lightweight construction
Our experts at PBT specialize in the demanding task of profile bending applications for the most beneficial aerodynamic shape and required stability. As aeronautics increases as a frequent type of transportation, the highest standard of materials and curved radii perfection in civil and military aircraft are a necessity in profile bending usage. Both industries can benefit from PBTs profile bending applications, as we understand the mass of the means of transport and consideration of fuel consumption.

Job Shop

Diverse Bending Tasks for Specific Industries
The specialists at PBT are here to help with the individual and specific profile bending applications required in various industries. We know that a successful bidding company must provide a wide range of profile bending usage for their customers, across a wide range of industries. The profile bending usage could include standard profiles, custom-made parts, or reshaping of large-volume hollow-chamber profiles- all of which must be feasible with the necessary or desired material (i.e. stainless steel, aluminum or steel). Our profile bending applications can perform your exact required task.

Commercial Vehicle

Heavy-duty, Medium-duty Trucks and Construction Vehicles
PBT profile bending applications help to produce heavy commercial vehicles. Trucks are a necessity for construction and agriculture industries. The movement of their products from urban to rural and vice-versa is done using these metal machines which require profile bending usage in their development. PBT meets regulations of drive changes in vehicles to adhere to these requirement and provide the exact needed profile bending application.

Window and Facade Construction

Unlimited Architectural Profile Bending Solutions
There are no limits to architectural concepts- whether profile bending usage be curved aluminum or steel for windows, circular and swinging windows in round form or fit-shaped aluminum frames, among many other shapes. They all demand precise and cost-effect profile bending applications of the window and façade industry. PBT has concentrated on solving these problems and successfully fulfills even the most demanding challenge. When it comes to exceptional quality of bows and special elements for this industrial sector’s profile bending usage, PBT specialists are ready to bring solutions.

Materials Handling

Precisely Curved Profiles, Tight Tolerances
Precise profile bending applications are imperative in the design of components with challenging tight tolerances. Conveyor systems, handling and storage tasks, as well as airport and shopping center belt conveyors demand profile bending usage that have precise curves. PBT can meet these requirements in their stringent profile bending applications.

Steel and Metal Construction

High Precision, Cost Effective
Balcony constructions, canopies, roof trusses, or stairs and bridges all require curved profile bending usage made of stainless steel, aluminum or steel and will increasingly determine successful daily business. Each have to be made with exact precision and economic feasibility to meet the high requirements of a permanent fixture and be an asset in retaining the business’ customers.

Roofing Systems

Precise Profile Curves
The growing specialized sector of swimming pool roofing is dependent on high-quality, curved profile bending applications. A swimming pool roof should solve natural problems like water contamination prevention and efficient energy usage. Whether the profile bending usage demand is flat, semi-high or high roofing, precise profile bending applications of bent aluminum profiles give the needed result. PBT's profile bending machines are prefabricated on all three profile bending application variants.


As our profile bending department has grown over the years, Boschert USA has provided us with us with unmatched equipment capabilities, knowledgeable support, and customized tooling solutions, every step of the way.

Operating Manager, Chicago-based fabrication shop

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