About PBT

Boschert USA (North America Sales Partner)

PBT is recognized as the world leader in precision profile bending machines. Our machines are commonly utilized for complex aluminum profiles in architectural and automotive applications, solar collection fields, trade show exhibits and transportation systems.

PBT AG was born in 1991. Our high commitment and dedicated support of customers quickly catapulted us into a precision profile bending machine market leader, and our machines are used in everyday operation in over 60 countries worldwide. We are capable of converting and adapting precision profile bending machines to meet individual and specific requirements of our customers. PBT posts many years of experience in manufacturing precision profile bending machines and rolling machines that are accompanied by efficient control systems. Boschert USA is the North American sales partner of PBT.

Improve it

That is our statute. We familiarize ourselves with the customers needs and it is our goal to fulfill those needs and requirements. In as much that we do not have to conform or adapt to competition in the bending market. We regularly and deliberately advance into new technological dimensions and therefore also actively influence the precision profile bending machine market. We attain results that for some time had been thought unattainable.

Work Closely with Our Customers

The company philosophy is our creed: personal team-work with the customer to solve their individual bending problems. Working out the highest-quality concepts for our customers is part of that philosophy. In order to guarantee excellent unmatched quality, we place high value on significant investments in research and development of new precision profile bending machines machines and better control systems.

Years of Experience

Please, take advantage of our years of experience and know-how! We can solve your personal bending problems with one of our high-quality, powerful control systems. We can also manufacture special tools for your precision profile bending machines machine! Our standard and special tools are guaranteed hardened and long lasting.

Unmatched Support

First-class after-sales PBT support is guaranteed. With expert PBT specialist advice, we are willing and able to help you to solve every bending problem. Our team of skilled, experienced and customer oriented engineers is here for you at any time. As pioneers in the bending field, we introduce precision profile bending machines that are successfully operated in many trades. Our high performance machines are known for their precision, stability and reliability.